about me

Yu Sammy

Singer songwriter
Theater play music directer

Lived on Gold Coast, Queensland Australia for 18 years, working as a gemmologist and retail manager.


At the age of 40,

I decided to become

a musician.  

Started busking in China Town, Brisbane.

Started my music career  
China Town Brisbane
as a busker.

I wanted to sing my
own songs in Japanese,
so decided to go back to Japan.


On stage,

it is just me and my guitar.

That's all you get for 2 hours. 


No light show, no stage show.
Just me and my guitar.  
That's  how I want it to be.

I sometimes work as
a theatre music director. 

I sometimes come
onto the stage and play. 

All my songs are written in Japanese.

but I know there is no language barrier for music.


Just as I listened to music in English when I was a child, I hope you will also listen to my music in Japanese.

Hope you can see me live

 on stage someday.

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